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Kitchen Planning

Kitchen Planning

Outdoor kitchens are highly functional spaces, but that doesn’t happen by accident. Just as you design the indoor spaces in your home with care and attention to detail, these kitchens also have to be designed with care. These areas cannot be an afterthought in terms of their placement in the landscaping. They should be planned with care too and that is what we at Think Pavers help you do. Every project we handle is planned in great detail. The basic aspects that have to be taken into account while planning a kitchen are:

  • Design - A lot of attention is paid to design and styling concepts as well as the materials and workmanship used. This ensures, you get a space which looks attractive and meets all your function needs. We work very closely with you to understand how you want this space to be, the look you want in this area, the number of people you plan to entertain and the kind of equipment you want.

  • Group Effort - Installing an outdoor kitchen may not seem like such a complex job, but it requires perfect communication between the homeowner, designer, appliance suppliers and contractors. When you hire our service, you are ensured of a seamless experience. We understand that every homeowner will have different requirements and we focus on customization while planning a kitchen.

  • Kitchen Planning Latest Appliances - Each year outdoor kitchen appliance manufacturers launch a number of products with new and novel features. We help you choose ones that will be best suited to your requirements in terms of function, design and budget. Today, there are a number of appliances made specifically for outdoor applications and we use the best quality in all our projects.

  • Sync with Landscaping - The materials that we use while planning a Kitchen, are generally dictated by the architectural styling of your home and the design of your landscaping. One way to get it right is to use similar materials to create a seamless look. For instance, if there is a lot of natural stone in the landscaping, that’s what we will try to use in your outdoor kitchen too.

  • Proportion - The size of the kitchen should be in proportion with the size of the rest of the house; and so if you have a large home with expansive landscaping, it’s a good idea to opt for a larger kitchen and vice versa. This will help in creating a more harmonious transition between the internal and external spaces. We use a number of features such as plantings and pergola screens to make your kitchen fit into its surroundings.

Creating Functional Spaces

As we said earlier, designing and planning a Kitchen does not happen by accident. It takes a lot of insight, skill, creativity and attention to detail to make all the features work together as a whole. If you want to install an outdoor kitchen on your property, call Think Pavers at 856-832-4680. You can also contact us via this online form. We serve customers in Chester, Woodlyn, Claymont and the surrounding areas.