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Outdoor Fire Pits

Outdoor Fire Pits, Mt Royal, NJ

Numerous amenities increase the aesthetics and utility of a house, and many homeowners in the region add outdoor fire pits. These elements are straightforward to include in any semi-outdoor or outdoor setting. Think Pavers is one of the most prominent providers of hardscaping in Mt. Royal, New Jersey. In addition to other hardscaping services, we also design and build unique fire pits.

Why Install A Fire Pit?

One of the most often questioned topics is why someone would construct a fire pit instead of a fireplace. Here are some explanations:

Due to their size, fireplaces dominate their surroundings. They attract attention and serve as the centerpiece of your lawn. However, a fire pit is far more adaptable. If chosen, it can act as a point of focus or be a discrete installation tucked into a corner.

  • Social - Fireplaces are perfect for people who prefer spending time with their family and entertaining guests. In contrast, a fire pit allows people to congregate around it, creating an ambiance reminiscent of a campfire. This structure is great for organizing events and entertaining several guests.

  • Styles - When it comes to fireplace features, your selections are restricted. They might be traditional or modern in manner. However, fire pits provide variation. Install a fire table/ fire hearth/ fire bowl, and use gas, wood, or propane to fuel it. In addition, we can line the brick fire pit with lava rock, river rock or recycled glass to enhance its aesthetic appeal and heat-absorbing potential.

  • Unobstructed Views - As stated earlier, fire pits will not dominate the backyard. Additionally, they do not obscure the view so you will have uninterrupted views of your entire backyard.

  • Affordability - Fireplace installations are more costly than fire pit setups. Even a small fireplace may be rather expensive. In comparison, a backyard fire pit may be as simple as a pit built with bricks and filled with wood, making them inexpensive.

Customized Fire Pit Renderings

Before building outdoor fire pits, consult qualified hardscapers like us. We will consider local building regulations, safety, and the project's positioning. Our staff will guide each of these criteria, and we will keep them in mind when designing your fire pit. If you require us to construct this element inside an established landscape, we will employ a material that compliments the existing style and look.

Cost-Effective Installations of Fire Pits

We employ premium materials and the finest craftsmanship in our works, so you have a fire pit that enhances the usage and value of your backyard. We offer these superior installations at reasonable fire pit costs. We work with you, ensuring that every aspect of your fire feature aligns with your needs and that you get great outdoor spaces that are functional and elegant.

If you are looking for exceptionally high-grade hardscaping services, please call Think Pavers at (856) 832-468. You can write to us via this Contact Us form, and we will revert shortly. Our team is here to help with customized services and personalized attention.