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Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

A number of homeowners across Swedesboro and the surrounding areas are now opting to have outdoor kitchens installed on their properties. While some of these designs are very simple and basic, others are quite elaborate in terms of the materials, equipment and setting used. Regardless of the type of styling you need, designing an outdoor kitchen takes a certain amount of deliberation and planning. You are sure to have some ideas about how you want your outdoor kitchen to be, but you may need some professional help in terms of understanding how to create the perfect cooking and entertaining areas in this space.

Designing an Outdoor Kitchen - The Concepts

Think Pavers is one of the leading companies in the field, and over the years we have helped hundreds of homeowners with the design and installation of their outdoor kitchens. When we are designing these spaces, the factors taken into account are:

Good Design Principles

Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

This is one of the key factors that should be kept in mind while designing an outdoor kitchen. Based on the available space, we use our expertise to create perfect functional zones such as:

  • Cooking zone - Grills, BBQs and cooktops
  • Cold area - Refrigeration, Ice bins and coolers
  • Wet area - Sinks
  • Dry areas - Storage and Prep zone
  • Plate and serve zone
  • Entertainment zone

Complementing Spaces

While Designing an Outdoor Kitchen we also keep in mind that it is not a standalone space; it’s an extension of the indoor areas of your home. And so, when we are planning it, we ensure that the design concepts of the indoor areas are carried through into the outdoor ones. The traffic pattern between these spaces will be taken into account and this lends a cohesive look and feels to your home.

Low Maintenance Options

Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

Just as we focus on functionality, we also focus on choosing low-maintenance equipment and materials. These have to be able to withstand the elements as outdoor kitchens can be either open-to-the-air or semi-enclosed. High-grade stainless steel equipment and surfaces ensure longevity and provide for easy cleaning. They are also corrosion and grease-resistant which means all the equipment will stay looking new for years to come. We also ensure that the flooring and kitchen counter materials are able to withstand the high temperatures in that space.

Creating Beautiful and Functional spaces

In addition to all these aspects, we also prioritize designing an Outdoor Kitchen to complement the architecture of your home and the landscaping concept. Similar subtle architectural details and compatible materials will be used and task & mood lighting will be installed. We also plan the utilities such as water, gas and electricity supply perfectly.

If you prefer, we can incorporate features such as pergolas, awnings and shade trees to create beautifully shaded spaces to relax and entertain. For more information about designing an Outdoor Kitchen in and around Chester, Woodlyn, Claymont and the surrounding areas, call Think Pavers at 856-832-4680. You can also contact us via this online form.